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IT Career Planning and Transition Services

Our outplacement programs are specifically designed to prepare IT professionals for successful employment in the current IT job market. Our services are available to the individual IT professional or to companies downsizing.

We at PROTECH understand that downsizing is a difficult situation for all involved. It is very important that it be conducted in a way that will not tarnish a company’s reputation and maximize the employee’s future opportunities. The employees left behind always remember how those terminated were treated, which can positively or negatively affect morale and external word-of-mouth. Companies must ensure they handle outplacement initiatives in a professional, fair and dignified manner.

PROTECH offers the following services directly to the individual IT professional, or to employers funding outplacement assistance for their IT employees being downsized:

Services are available separately or as a complete package at a discounted price. Click here to inquire about our Career Transition/Outplacement Services.

Career Guidance and Coaching

Athletes have coaches to improve their skills and play a better game. And so do business people, politicians, public speakers and people in many other professions. They hire coaches so that they can perform better and maximize their earnings and overall career success.

As your personal coach, we will assist you in clearly defining your career goals and, then together we'll create a focused action plan to put you on track to reach those goals as quickly as possible. In the process, we will help you discover your full potential and help you break through barriers to achieve new levels of success you may never have dreamed possible.

Resume Review and Development

The goal of a resume is to provoke the level of interest that gets someone to pick up the phone and call you to set up an interview. We will help you create a resume that sets you apart from your peers, creates interest and maximizes the number of interview requests during your job search.

The success of your job search is measured by the words you choose for your audience. What you say and how you say it sets you apart from the competition. It's what sparks interest, evokes emotion, and delivers results. It's the difference between success and failure of your job search.

Preparation of Cover Letters

When applying to jobs, a cover letter is critical.

It takes seconds for employers to decide whether to contact you for an interview or pass on your credentials and go to the next candidate. Studies have shown that over 90% of all job applicants are rejected during this initial screening process.

Many people focus on the resume and neglect the importance of cover letters. Yet the cover letter is just as critical in opening the door to an interview. A great cover letter introduces you to an employer and explains why you are one of the most qualified candidates applying for the position.

We will help you create a cover letter that addresses the critical needs that each employer and each job requires. The cover letter we write for you will speak to the employer in a way that establishes you as a leading contender for the position and will motivate them to read your resume.

Job Interview Preparation

Once you are scheduled for a phone or on-site interview, you’re in the door and now this is your opportunity to land the job. We provide you with best practice techniques before, during and after the interview to make sure you stand out as the top contender the employer wants to extend an offer to.

We will make sure you walk into your interviews with the confidence you need by using winning strategies to land a job even in the toughest environment. Get the edge you will need to compete against the crowd of other job candidates by learning the skills of presenting yourself as the right person for the job.

Professional Video Resume Production

PROTECH offers professionally produced Video Resumes that applicants can leverage as a tool to complement their written resumes, and stand out above their peers to maximize the number of interview requests when applying for a new position. Click here to see a sample Video Resume.

Workshops and Seminars

PROTECH regularly conducts workshops on leadership, best practices for effective job searches, local technology industry trends and much more. Anyone taking advantage of our outplacement/career transition services can attend these sessions on a complimentary basis.

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